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Hi, I'm Dr Shaz Ney. A Surrey based NLP Master Practioner and Coach

Dr Shaz Ney's Bio:

A Licenced Education Master Practitioner of NLP with NLP certificate in Teaching Excellence (Licensed by the Society of NLP) and a Ph.D. from Durham University, Dr Shaz Ney has a keen interest in combining her career and academic skills within FE and HE environments to help students face the difficult transition from academia to work. Shaz also has experience training staff in the private welfare to work sector and has initiated innovative solutions to a variety of problems from paperwork maintenance to new training approaches and client support. Trained in coaching she has helped managers and staff deal with problems ranging from office relocation to interpersonal management. Trained in Andy Austin's Metaphors of Movement approach to problem solving, she regularly updates her knowledge of neuroscientific research (e.g. brain plasticity), keeps up-to-date with the latest changes in the employment sector, deals with everything from phobias to confidence, public speaking, motivation, problem solving (and a wealth of others) and is happy to discuss individual circumstances adapting training to any person or group. Please see her website at Specialties: Master Practitioner of NLP in Education, Welfare to Work trainer, University lecturer in philosophy, motivational speaker, public speaker.

Dr Shaz Ney's Experience:

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Dr Shaz Ney's Interests & Activities:

Neuro-linguistic Programming, philosophy, psychology, neuro-science, technology, Ancient history, British history, American history, re-enactment, living history, public speaking, science fiction

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